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Artist note:
“All profit from this Poster sale will be donated to the Red Cross/Red Crescent. Half will go to the Christchurch Relief and the other half will go to the Japan Tsunami.”

Special Limited Edition: Help Japan
When the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the following tsunamis hit Japan on March 11, it left the country in an unimaginably tragic state. For the past few days, it has been disheartening to watch all the coverage on the news. Despite making monetary donations, I feel an urge to do something more to help, and what’s a better way to help than to put innerspoken™ to good use. Today I’m announcing a special limited edition shirt in support of the relief efforts in Japan. All net proceeds from this shirt will be donated to a relief organization of your choice. You’ll be contacted with details after you place your order.
About the design
I noticed that majority of current artwork regarding the disasters in Japan has been focusing on the destructions of the earthquake and/or tsunami. I wanted my design to emphasize on the positive energy in the relief efforts. The shirt design is that of the Japanese national flag, in which the sun disc — Hinomaru is composed of iconic items ranging from the necessity and supplies needed in the relief effort such as food, water, medical supply, temporary shelters, clothing to more symbolic supports like helping hands, thoughts, and prayers. It embodies the idea that our supports and contributions can help rebuild/reconstruct Japan, that our collective efforts can re-ignite the rising sun after wreckage of the earthquake and tsunami.
This is a special limited edition shirt that will not be reprinted. Please be a part of history and help out. Pre-order your shirt today.


DESIGN FOR JAPAN:http://designforjapan.tumblr.com/

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